ADDH is the holding company for African diaspora investment clubs.


African Diaspora Development Holdings (ADDH) is the bridge between the African diaspora and Africa.


To create an enabling environment for African Diaspora to invest in specific projects in Africa.
To Identify and simplify the process of the Diaspora investing in Africa.
To identify investment opportunities and package them for potential investors.
To create an investment club for each identified opportunity.


All people of African descent living outside of Africa are the African diaspora.

ADDH History

At independence, African countries were given limited political independence but denied financial independence. This status quo has persisted to this day. This is no longer sustainable. Our youth are now awake and they are demanding control of their Africa. They are no longer satisfied with having a job.

For far too long, Africans have been reduced to be happy as employees. Our Colonial education was designed to turn out workers not business owners. This mindset has got to change. What is limiting true sustainable change coming to Africa are the restrictive colonial financial structures and policies that make it very difficult for not only African countries but also individuals to access funds.

This is where we come in as African Diaspora. We have the expertise and financial means to change our Africa. All that is needed is our UNITY. Unity of purpose. This is what ADDH is hoping to accomplish.


  • Reach out to African governments and request first right of refusal of all International contracts
  • Identify a local private sector partner in the country where the opportunity is. Their role will be to identify projects as well as clear any obstacles that may arise
  • Identify the opportunities according to sectors
  • Create investment club for each opportunity
  • Present opportunity to the Diaspora
  • Present opportunity to the Diaspora
  • Those intrested can form an investment club
  • ADDI Offices in coordination with a local private sector partner in each country will facilitate smoth transition and implementation of the projects
  • All projects in each country must have at least one African Diaspora from that country
  • Each opportunity will have its own board and management structure

ADDH Current Projects

  • Wakanda City of Return Cape Coast Ghana
  • Trans Africa Value Corridor
  • African Diaspora -International Savings Bank in Antigua
  • Several mining opportunities
  • Several Hotel Opportunities
  • Several Manufacturing opportunities

ADDH Investment Clubs

These clubs will have investment projects that focus on funding hospitals, hotels, technology, construction, agriculture, and anything that will promote the advancement and growth on the continent of Africa.

ADDH investment clubs encourage all those of African descent and friends of Africa to come together and collaborate ideas in order to build the Africa we want.

    More Information

    If you have any questions about ADDH and becoming a part of our investment clubs, please send us a message.